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Retail Concept: Walmart

Re-conceived the Walmart toy department so that adults could easily navigate
the aisles, plus find an appropriate toy or gift using an easy kiosk database, while
kids could enjoy interacting with the products.

Successfully tested at two sites during the 2006 Holiday Season, resulting in
sales increases averaging 39% vs. same store sales. Further results: 23% sales
increase over non-Toyland stores in 2008.

Initial Concept for Qualitative Testing

Concept Illustration

Initial Concept for Qualitative Testing

Initial Concept for Qualitative Testing

Walmart Test Site

(Final retail design and execution by Darko and Mattel One)

Toyland test-site overview

Toyland Clubhouse

Back of Toyland Clubhouse with Kiosk

Toyland Shelving Units 1

Toyland Shelving Units 2

kiosk screen 1

kiosk screen 2